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314, PD, Sister Dee HD - InfernalRestraints - Ingenue  (2022)

314, PD, Sister Dee HD - InfernalRestraints - Ingenue  (2022)

Year: 2022
Duration: 01:09:34
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 782 MB

Actress: Ingenue 
Name Porn: 314, PD, Sister Dee
PaySite: InfernalRestraints
Genres: Kink bdsm sex, Porn video kink, Hard nipple torture

There is something that separates the way PD handles his sluts from pretty much everyone else. Most people offer an orgasm or some other reward like a carrot on a stick for girls like 314, who sometimes need a little bit of encouragement. This is a mistake. Rewards imply they have a choice or some sort of value. That is never the message that PD wants to convey. These women are things, they will just have to accept it. When PD is using her 314 is just a whipping post. She makes the sounds and faces that make his cock hard and that is all that really matters to him. The tears, the screams, the moans and grimaces are all amazing. When he passes 314 off to Sister Dee she expects a woman to have a bit more sympathy but that is ridiculous. Why would either of them feel anything for a worthless toy like 314?


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