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Marina 2 FullHD - Marina Gold (2022)

Marina 2 FullHD - Marina Gold (2022)

Year: 2022
Duration: 00:13:48
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 492 MB

Actress: Marina Gold
Name Porn: Marina 2
Genres: Met Art, Met Art X, Marina Gold, Clips, Redhead, Solo, Teen, Freckles, Peruvian, Shaved Pussy

Stunning Peruvian redhead Marina Gold strides down the street, her flirty wrap dress swirling around her tanned thighs. Inside her apartment, the freckle-faced Latina cutie unties it and lets it fall open to expose her sexy body, dancing seductively, her face lit up by a captivating smile. She sits on the sofa with her legs apart and starts to fondle her perky breasts, then slides a hand down to stroke her shaved pussy. Teasing her nipples as she masturbates, she gasps with arousal and eases a finger into her juiced up slot. She's soon diddling herself avidly, her breasts jiggling and her moans of pleasure growing more urgent. Turning onto her knees, she rides her fingers frantically, then lies back and frigs to an orgasm that leaves her trembling with satisfaction.


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