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Embrace FullHD - Lottie Magne (2022)

Embrace FullHD - Lottie Magne (2022)

Year: 2022
Quality: FullHD

Actress: Lottie Magne
Name Porn: Embrace
Genres: Met Art, Sex Art, Lottie Magne, Clips, Creampie, Redhead, Cute, Missionary, Tight Pussy

Cute redhead Lottie Magne is in the tender "Embrace" of Tommy Gold. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, the lovers kiss passionately, hands exploring. Tommy caresses Lottie’s perky breasts while she grinds in his lap, guiding his stiff cock into her tight pussy. The sticky sounds of arousal and squeaking bedsprings mingle with Lottie’s moans as she rides with abandon, bouncing breathlessly. Tommy rolls them over and drives into her in missionary, fucking her with vigorous strokes, then licks her pussy until she quivers through an intense orgasm. He penetrates her again, switching to spoons and rubbing her clit to give her peak after peak of pleasure. Lottie is delirious with ecstasy as Tommy slams into her in doggy, making her climax one more time as he cums deep inside her.


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