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April Fools!! Were You Expecting My Mom?? FullHD - Krissy Knight (2023)

April Fools!! Were You Expecting My Mom?? FullHD - Krissy Knight (2023)

Year: 2023
Duration: 00:27:23
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.17 GB

Actress: Krissy Knight
Name Porn: April Fools!! Were You Expecting My Mom??
Genres: Adult Empire, My Pervy Family, Krissy Knight, Clips, Blonde, Mom, Vibrator, Step Daughter, Blindfolded, Handcuffs, Step Father, Shaved Pussy

Who doesn't love a good surprise!? GI Joey comes home to a sexy note with instructions from his wife - he follows the directions which leads him to handcuffs, a blindfold. Joey likes where this is going so he puts on the sex gear, patiently waits in the bedroom for what he thinks is his horny wife. When she comes out silently and turns a vibrator on, Joey is suspicious so he pulls off the mask only to see his sexy stepdaughter Krissy Knight in a choker, nightgown. April Fools!!! Had Kirssy left it there it might have been an inappropriate prank, but she started using the virbator on her pussy, Joey couldn't help but wank himself while he watched his stepdaughter. Krissy took matters into her own hands and began to jerk, suck her stepdad before sliding her tight, shaved pussy down his fat pole. After she made herself cum a few times, Joey took her from behind and banged out a few more orgasms from his stepdaughter as her pussy stretched and her ass rippled from the pounding. Joey fucked his stepdaughter into a sweaty mess and then filled her pussy with a big load of his cum!

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