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Tartan Terror FullHD - Lara Latex (2023)

Tartan Terror FullHD - Lara Latex (2023)

Year: 2023
Duration: 00:20:14
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.85 GB

Actress: Lara Latex
Name Porn: Tartan Terror
Genres: Lara's Playground, Seventeen, Lara Latex, Brunette, Clips, Euro, MILF, Solo, Latex

On reflection, the title of this scene is not a delayed Halloween special or me scaring you whilst in tartan. It’s me being a terror whilst wearing my mini kilt. I’m wearing it because this week is my birthday week and I’ll be up in Scotland, specifically Glasgow and Edinburgh. I loved meeting everyone last time I was there and I’m sure I’ll love entertaining my lovely fans again. For those of you who don’t leave in such Northern climes, here’s a of what you’ll be missing! This kilt is always a winner and a very requested outfit. I hope you love seeing me in it, as much as I love wearing what of it there is, for you.


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