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The Training of the Pretty Girl, Day One HD - TheTrainingOfO - Casey Calvert (2024)

The Training of the Pretty Girl, Day One HD - TheTrainingOfO - Casey Calvert (2024)

Year: 2024
Duration: 01:08:28
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.45 GB

Actress: Casey Calvert
Name Porn: The Training of the Pretty Girl, Day One
PaySite: TheTrainingOfO

The Training of the Pretty Girl, Day One My initial assessment of this tramp: she needs to feel pretty. Let me count that ways...
Day One: make her pretty in heels.
Day two: make her pretty in lipstick.
Day three: Make her pretty in a corset.
Day four: make her pretty in a leather collar.
Put it all together and we have a four day curriculum in basic slave elegance.
Day one: Pretty in Heels
In my world, the standard issue slave footwear is simple black patent leather heels - pointy toe, no platform. I keep thinking about what she would look like, teetering around in those tall black heels: a pretty little slut.
I the Slow Pull
Some like when the zipper comes off fast, a few like when it comes off slow. I like to pop those torturous little pins off one by one. And she gives it up, right away. So satisfying.
II the Burn
I like the way the lines run up the back of a sleek, well stripped calf. My style of calf raises will make her truly appreciate the wonderful assets of well toned calf muscles.
III the Inspection
I like to wee what I am working with. What better way than to tie her open and inspect her, inside and out.
IV the Orgasms
To round out the day, I decide to deliver a stream of orgasms to reinforce the day's points. If she can get up after that, she can have her heels.
At the end of the day, she is fitted with a set of heels, and she strides her ass gracefully around the set to show us her assets. I like those heels. I think we will keep them on her for three more days.
This update includes: slave inspection, medical fetish, anal plug, high heels training, BDSM zipper pull, bondage orgasms, slave discipline

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