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Morgan Lefay SD - IntoTheAttic (2024)

Morgan Lefay SD - IntoTheAttic (2024)

Year: 2024
Duration: 00:56:32
Quality: SD
Format: Windows Media
Size: 1.24 GB

Name Porn: Morgan Lefay
PaySite: IntoTheAttic

23 year old Morgan LeFay is Into The Attic on her first visit.
As is usual with a new girl we tie her up and interview her. In Morgan's case she gets a rope around her neck tied off to the ankle of one leg. The one leg she ask that it not be tied too. She also has a chest harness on that jut her DD's out like Barbra Bush's eyes. She has to lean over due to that neck rope, wearing her pretty dress and sporting her long hair. She's peppered with all type of personal questions: First time she sucked cock, first fucking, how old she is, what she does for a living, how long she's been into bondage...yada yada yada, then she's gagged with a giant ring gag. She's told to stick her tongue out and honey is poured upon it. The interview starts up again but now she's confused. She seems to be in disbelief that I'd want her to continue to answer my questions after gagging her. With copious amounts of saliva falling from her face hole she tries to swallow and then answer the question, tentatively. Her tongue snakes in and out of her mouth in confusion. She nervously laughs and then tries again to answer my question. A dirty mattress is brought out and she's pushed over onto her back to get a fucking. After confirming that she likes big cock I grab a big black fake one and shove it into her ring gagged face hole. I make her lube it up for me with her slobber and then shove it right into her cunt. Her cunt gets fucked. Fucked until obvious amounts of slimy, white pussy juice is visible on the dildo she's being fucked with. Then I pull it out, stick it up to her ring gagged mouth and have her clean everything off. Then I face fuck with it. Make her gag upon it. Noises. Gurgling noises. Choking noises. She can't stop the penetration. First in the face, then the cunt and then back in the face again. Her loose appendages get quartered to the floor and then her cunt gets attacked first with the Eroscillator and then the Hitachi.

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