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Antonia Sainz - Self Exam 2 FullHD (2021)

Year: 2021
Duration: 00:12:47
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 458 MB

Name Porn: Antonia Sainz - Self Exam 2
Genres: Striptease, Bathroom, Indoors, Solo, Upskirt, Bodysuit, Brunette, Posing, Barefoot, Masturbation, Mirror

Horny Czech brunette Antonia Sainz smiles as she peeks into a gift bag and finds a transparent plastic speculum. Dressed in a sexy sheer black teddy and kinky for medical play, she pulls on surgical gloves for a self-exam session. She gazes at her fingers as she flexes them, then licks and sucks them through the thin latex. She eases down the top of her teddy to expose her large, beautiful breasts, while watching herself in a large mirror. With one leg raised, she unsnaps the crotch-fasteners to bare her shaved pussy. Immediately, she rubs it, gauging how wet she already is. Then she sits on her haunches, thighs splayed, and slathers a generous handful of lube over her snatch. Lying on a rug Antonia begins to masturbate, slipping one slick finger, then two, inside and stroking her slit. Her ass cheeks clench and twitch and she gazes back at her reflection in the mirror. Next, she assembles the speculum, then licks the shaft. She sucks on it like she’s going down on a cock, then gets to grips with the mechanism as she lubes it. On her back, she works the hard, clear-plastic shaft against her clit and slit, then inserts and pumps it in her pussy. She humps against it, knees bent and bare feet raised. As the camera moves in for a sharp close-up, she stretches herself wide open with the speculum, to display the extreme internal depths of her pussy as she explores it with her fingers. She continues to watch herself in the mirror as she masturbates with her gloved fingers, circling her clit and slipping them inside of her snatch between the jaws of the speculum. As her orgasm builds, her moans and gasps turn to whimpers then screams – then she cums, bucking her ass clear of the floor. Finally, smiling, she withdraws the speculum and relaxes, caressing her naked body…

Antonia Sainz - Self Exam 2 FullHD (2021)


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