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Ingrid - Ripped Open 2 FullHD (2021)

Year: 2021
Duration: 00:09:26
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 344 MB

Name Porn: Ingrid - Ripped Open 2
Genres: Solo, Breasts, Blonde, Indoors, Masturbation, Tattoo

Sexy Ingrid, a vampish, tattooed platinum blonde, is dressed in black pantyhose and red PVC, with scarlet lipstick to match. She moves seductively, playing with her pert, beautiful breasts, then hikes up her skirt. The reinforced crotch of her hose is just sheer enough to allow a glimpse of her shaved pussy. She slips a hand into the waistband and begins to masturbate, then pulls down her pantyhose to flash her pink before raising them again. Next, she spins around to flaunt and stroke her butt – and snags her nylons with her nails. Immediately, small runs appear in the fabric, then she deliberately rips a huge hole, exposing one bare cheek. Ingrid grabs and claws at her firm, smooth buns, fingers dipping into her slit and crack as she tears the entire ass out of her pantyhose. Then she turns around and shreds the front, too, leaving one leg detached like a hold-up stocking while the other hangs on by a thread, garter strap-style. Now super-horny, she tosses away her high-heeled pumps and squats down to sit on a floor covered in burlap. Thighs splayed, she pleasures herself again, plunging four fingers deep inside of her tender pink snatch. She licks her juices off of them and crams them back in, before retrieving a toy. This is a red, spring-loaded device that stretches her wide open. Lost in bliss, she uses both hands to plow herself with it as she lies back on the rough burlap. Her moans become louder and she bucks her ass clear of the floor as she frigs herself to an intense orgasm. For a few moments she lies in a daze and sucks the toy clean. Then she gets up and leaves the room to play with it in private…

Ingrid - Ripped Open 2 FullHD (2021)


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